Monday, December 15, 2008


Well finally I've been working on some cards!! I decided to play with a set of stamps I got for my birthday and haven't used yet. The set is from The Paper Studio and is called Botanicals & Birds. I fell in love with them when I saw them at the store. The set contains about 14 stamps and each are equally as beautiful!!!


pescbrico said...

Your cards are lovely!

Thanh said...

No Christmas cards! I'm so proud of you.

Hey, do you read blogs still Christie? You havent stopped by mine in awhile - given I havent updated for awhile until yesterday!

Cindi said...

great cards C! I see your giving your new nesties A work out, too

Tami B. said...

I love these images, what a wonderful set of stamps these must be. Each one is so swirly and yummy. Great cards.

Renu said...

Gorgeous cards and love the stamps you used too.


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