Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stamp Index and Paper Storage

Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk about how we all store our paper scraps and how we keep track of our stamps. I've decided to share with you what I do with mine.

My paperscraps are kept in a binder like this. I've taken gallon ziplock bags, reinforced the bottoms and punched holes in the bottom.

I then have all my colors separated into bags. I do this only for my solid color paper. I find it works very well and that I use less paper then normal. When I need a little piece for matting I just go to my binder and find the color I need!!!!

As for my stamps, I have each and every stamp I own stamped out. I have them separated into categories; e.g. butterflies, sentiments, snowmen, etc......... I have a ton of clear dollar stamp sets from M's and I stamp them in a different color so I know which they are and where to find them. I find that it was well worth the effort to do this. I was not using stamps because I couldn't remember what I had. Now when I go to make a project I just look through my stamping catalog and pick my stamp out that way. It's also nice because you can actually see what it looks like stamped!
I hope my storage ways can help you out or give you some ideas about the different way's of storing things. Good luck with organizing! It can be a pain to start but you will be glad yo did it once your done!


Cindi said...

wow, C, look how organized you are! I may have to break down and do the stamp index one of these just seems like such a big job to tackle.

Renu said...

I really like how you did your scrap papers. I too have an index for my stamps, but not too organized with my scraps.

Daria said...

I've been planning to make a stamp index likes yours forever. Now it's going to be a super major project since I have so many images. Still, I need to do it because I don't know what I have either.

I love your scraps storage. I may adopt that idea.


Tami Bayer said...

Love your organization. I think I might make a sentiment page or pages first. Those are the ones that are hardest for me to remember and lay my hands on when I need them.


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