Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane Ike survivor!!!!

Whoo-hoo!!! I made it through the storm and finally have my power, my Internet and cable back. Still waiting on phone service though. The grocery stores aren't all open and the ones that are don't have much to choose from. Gas is also hard to come by. I'm hoping things can get back to normal soon. We had minor damage and I'm so very thankful for that. There are so many people who lost so much. Lets keep everyone who got hit hard by Ike in our prayers. I'm glad to be back. I haven't crafted anything in a week so I don't have anything to post but maybe I will soon.


Kim H. said... glad you are all right! Have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! HUGS!

pescbrico said...

Oh Christie, I'm so glad you got the power back!!! I hope things will start to get better soon. If you need to talk on the phone, you can use a free software that gives you some way to call througt Internet. Here is the link :
I cannot wait to know everything is back to normal at your place. I've been praying for you all.

Traci G said...

Glad you're okay and hopefully things can get back to normal for you soon!!!

Thanh said...


Im so glad that you made it out safe.

Far North said...

So glad you are safe! Hope you can find a few moments to craft and de-stress between all the extras to take care of right now.


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