Monday, April 7, 2008

Nail Polish Background

This is a card I made using the nail polish background

Supplies you need are a pan filled with water, white cardstock and nail polish.

After you've filled pan with water pour in your nail polish.

Lay your paper on top then take out.

This is what your paper looks like after you've removed it. You can more between sheets or you can just keep laying paper on top until all the color is picked up. This really is a fun technique to try. It makes very original paper for your projects!


Thanh said...

Ohhh thanks for the tutorial there Christie. You make it look easy. LOL Yes, I know it is easy, but I get scared of techniques sometimes as I cant get messy.

lee said...

the card is beautiful and the technique very interesting. I will try it out....

pescbrico said...

Thanks for sharing Christie! :) Have a great day

MariLynn said...

This sounds like a really neat technique. Thanks for sharing.


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