Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm sorry

Well I have realized that I'm not very good with keeping up with this blog. I've made cards and deleted them before I posted them here. I also forget to come and chat. I think about it everyday but it's usually when I'm busy doing something else then I forget. I'm sorry if you come here and find the same old post from days ago. I promise to try harder. I will be gone next week. I'm going to help my grandmother out. She just had surgery to remove her kidney and needs help with the stuff around the house. I promise to try to come in at least once to let you know how it's going.

Other then forgetting to keep this blog up I haven't been up to much. Just working, crafting and cleaning house. I lead such a boring life:(. I use to think that it would be easy to figure out things to talk about on here. I now realize it's not that easy when you don't do much! Oh well, if I lead a more exciting life then I'd NEVER get to come here and bore you too!! LOL!! Well until next time.......


loobylou said...

G'day Christie
don't be sorry. you will have lots to tell us when you go to Gma's
Yippe I can comment. thanks for letting me in

Thanh said...

Its ok! Im the same way Christie... oopsy.


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