Saturday, August 16, 2008

How I store my ribbon

This was a topic over at the Stamp Shack so I thought I'd just show you all too. Please excuse the mess though! I LOVE ribbon! I don't think you can ever have to much!!!

These are stackable containers that I got on clearance at Garden Ridge for a buck a piece. I should of bought more, but my brain wasn't working that day!!!They have a slot on each side for the ribbon the slide out.

Once I ran out of room in the clear stackables I bought some wooden rods and just stuff them on there and they are sitting on a shelf. I need a better place for them though.

This is all my ribbon I get from swaps and such. I have it all in a basket. It is very messy and I just dig through it when I'm looking for ribbon, which makes it even messier. I need a better way!

This was my first ribbon storage. I filled up very fast though!

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pescbrico said...

wow, this is a lot of ribbon!!!


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