Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pictures from craft fair

Here are some pictures I took of my booth at the fair. I did OK for my first time. I got lots of good info so that was most helpful!!


Myrnabs said...

OMG!! Christie all your things are amazing!! I hope you sell the heck out of everything!! I love it all!!! You are one true talented gal!!!

p.s. I am praying that mary jayne doesn't see this, she's still a little sore at me for making her prepare for the annual craft fair, and after both of us buying tons and tons of stuff to alter we find out that there has been no more fair for 2 years :o| So you see what I mean?

Anonymous said...

wow, Christie!!! your booth is beautiful!!! Great set up!! congrats on a fair well done!!

pescbrico said...

Wow!!! that was a LOT of stuff you have made!! I knew you were working hard but I did not know that much! Wow. I bet you did some sells!

Kim- hutchink :) said...

WOW that is a ton of wonderful stuff! The LO of your stuff is great!

Renée Storch said...

Holy moly, I didn't realize just how much stuff you had made! That's great!


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