Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My nephew

Ok this isn't the best picture of me and you can really see how fat I am but........ This is my nephew. He just turned 14 on August 3rd. He is already 6 foot!!! He's always been big for his age and so I shouldn't be that surprised. I remember when he was a little baby and playing with him. I miss that age, he makes me feel old. That is my mom with us and Nathan in the background.


LOOBYLOU said...

You do not look fat and ugly!!! Give yourself a break!!
Your nephew looks pretty cute. Yes that is the hairstyle I was meaning- Surfer Dude x The Beatles.
He is super tall!

Kim said...

You look wonderful Christie! Your nephew is so cute! What a great photo!

Thanh said...

Oh Christie!!! Shush.

Your nephew is a cutie!!! It is a great photo, you lie. lol


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