Monday, June 4, 2007

I've been tagged........

I was tagged by kim so now I must pay it forward!

Yourself: Sweet
Your Partner: Up-tight!
Your Hair: Light brown with some natural blonde highlights
Your Mother: Sweet
Your Father: he died when I was 9
Your Favorite Item: My cuttlebug!
Your Dream Last Night: Hmm, I know I had one but i can't remember it!
Your Favorite Drink: Ice Tea
Your Dream Car: One with a driver
Dream Home: Log Cabin
The Room You Are In: Bedroom
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: Stamping
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: nathan
You’re Not: Afraid to speak my mind
One of Your Wish List Items: stamps, ink pads, alcohol inks, etc......
The Last Thing You Did: Went to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and Michaels
You Are Wearing: My nightgown
Last Thing You Ate: Pork Chops and pasta roni
Your Life: Boring mainly, but I have plenty of time to craft!
Your Mood: Good
Best Friend: Nathan
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: I'm chatting with Kim in the chatroom!
Your Car: 1999 Dodge Ram
What Are You Doing At The Moment: In the chatroom at the STamp-Shack
Relationship Status: Live with dbf of 13 years
What Is On Your TV:The Nanny
What Is The Weather Like: 73(it's early still) I think our high for today is 92
When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Last night while watching AFHV!

Ok now it's my turn to tag someone. I pick
Mindy: jadeebugsaunt
Renu: Midnightcreations
Thanh: Yummycreations

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