Monday, April 23, 2007

Had a great camping trip!

Well I'm back from our 3 day trip. We had alot of fun! We bought a kayak but I was too chicken to try it. The water was really cold and i didn't want to tip and then be freezing! We went to a couple of fun places too. I'll post some pics when I get them developed! I hope you all had a nice weekend too


hutch ink designs... said...


So glad that you have a GREAT camping trip! Hope weather warms up soon here so we can go camping!


Aunt T said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. Sweetie - do try your new kayak. Once you do - you will love it! I don't swim very well and never thought I'd get excited about kayaking. DH and some close friends asked me to give it a try a few years back and I'm hooked!


loobylou said...

Your camping trip looked beautiful. The view was lovely. I love the slide shows you added of your trip and richie- he's so sweet. Hope you come back soon with good news

Mary said...

Hey girlie! Your slides look great! Glad you had fun camping.



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